Staff Picks

Danielle Hulton


Danielle is passionate about bringing the tech community together around amazing books and exciting authors. She is powered by a great vegetarian meal and coffee (or Mate Soda).

Danielle's Favorite Books


David Hulton


The behind the scenes support at Ada's. His specialties include cryptography and FPGA design.

David's Favorite Books


Mars Maynard

General Manager

Mars has worked in the food industry since he was 13 and, like most restaurant folks, he has a college degree in something else, in this case Photography. A music nerd, avid reader and life-long gamer, He fits perfectly at Ada's. Also, Hip-Hop. And food. And cocktails. Oh, and Coffee. Final Fantasy VII. Motorcycles. Long walks on the beach at sunset. He will see himself out...

Mars' Favorite Books



Bookstore Manager

Rain has been in the book industry since 2006 and hopes to continue as a book merchant for years to come. As a proud Capitol Hill native, they love the opportunity to contribute toward the neighborhood's unique atmosphere.

Rain's Favorite Books



Cafe Manager

Jeff is an audio engineer, sound designer, and music producer. He's also a competitive gamer, a science literacy advocate, and is perhaps the greatest Dance Dance Revolution player the world has ever known!

Jeff's Favorite Books



Social Media Coordinator and Office Manager

When not at work, Sarah’s usually  busy making silly costumes and  art installations out of thrifted materials (and her own blood, sweat, and tears). She’d be happy to talk your ear off about the local drag scene and/or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Sarah's Favorite Books


Kitchen Scientist

Jack of all trades, master of some. Avid cook, programmer (BS in Computer Science), illustrator, bucket drummer, and many more to come. Eclectic barely begins to describe his interests in the arts and sciences. Call it ADD or what you will, but Alan has never been one to sit still.

Alan's Favorite Books


Retail Scientist

Matt has been mindfully crafting beautiful beverages in Seattle for over five years. He loves thunderstorms and funny hats. 

Matt's Favorite Books


Retail Scientist

Sabree is really just a bunch of rats in a flesh suit. Their interests include MTG, vegan food, lolita fashion, anime, and board games. On a Saturday night you can find them at home slurping on some noodle soup in their kotatsu making questionable life choices. 

Sabree's Favorite Books 


Retail Scientist

Hi there, my name is Terri. I am an artist. I'm a director and writer. I write screenplays, short stories, poems, and song lyrics. I enjoy singing, trying to dance, watching cartoons and reading comics.

Terri's Favorite Books 


Support Scientist

Ada's Employee Number 1.

Vel's Favorite Books