CHBA Community Conversations: LID i5

Thursday, September 21, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:30am

CHBA Community Conversations are going in-person! In this new format, you’ll join us at a Capitol Hill location to engage with our CHBA advisory board, employees and other members to get to know each other and chat about Capitol Hill and the topics that are important to you!

Join us at Ada’s Technical Books and Café for conversation surrounding the movement to Lid I-5. 

Did you know that it is uncommon for a highway to run straight through a city? The location of I-5 cutting off First Hill from the Downtown Seattle corridor has long been a point of contention for Capitol Hill residents. Now, as the City plans its recovery from the pandemic, activists are turning their attention toward the central freeway that has divided our city for more than a century. Supporters say that the recent campaign to "lid" I-5 with public land will transform the city by increasing availability of affordable housing sites and public open space; improve the walkability and reduce the pollution of downtown Seattle; and creating a new economic corridor. You can find out more about the project through the Lid I5 Coalition's website:

Join CHBA as we discuss the impacts this project can have on our neighborhood. Be sure to show up a bit early to grab a coffee from Ada's before our chat!


Thursday, September 21st
in The Lab at Ada's

Free to Attend
All Ages Welcome