Logical Leaps and Landings: an Adalogical Ænigmas Collection


Yes, that's right: Ada has created a book collecting the first twenty-four of her ænigmas, along with author commentaries, full solutions, explanations of all of the Easter eggs, and a host of other fun features!


Made by local puzzle icon Pavel Curtis of http://www.pavelspuzzles.com/

Price: $25.00

Locksmith School in a Box


Our improved Lock Picking School in a Box now includes repinnable locks, allowing the user to change the pin combinations in them, to expand his skill, offering more versatility and difficulty in picking. Also included are 4 lock picks, 1 tension tool, 3 graduated tumbler locks, and the instructional book, "Easy Pickings". This “Progressive Learning System” is a proven method of learning to help the beginning locksmith develop all the skills needed to master pin-tumbler lock picking.

Price: $99.99

Enigma 2 Encryption Machine


Create your own cyphers and secret messages.  8 Secret messages are included to practice your code breaking skills.

Price: $27.99

Dinosaur Dilemma Puzzle


These beautifully cut dinosaur shapes need to lay flat inside their tray.  With an estimated 30 minute solve time this puzzle is great for kids of all ages.

Price: $25.00

Martin’s Menace


How can a 4 piece puzzle be so difficult!?  All you have to do is lay them flat in the frame.

Price: $12.99