Talk to Strangers: The Yes Theory Story (Hardcover)

Talk to Strangers: The Yes Theory Story By Matt Dahlia, Derin Emre Cover Image
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If you were 99 years old and on your deathbed and were given a chance to come back to today, what would you do right now?

Matt Dahlia was a recent college grad with no direction in his life: his business was dead on arrival and all his friends had left town. He was broke and searching for belonging in a world that didn't understand him. That is, until he serendipitously met Thomas, who not only felt the same way he did, but had a project in mind: Together, along with two more like-minded strangers, they were going to move into a one-bedroom apartment and film themselves doing 30 things they had never done before in 30 days.

That summer project changed their lives forever: it pushed them out of their comfort zones, bonded them for life, and allowed them to reach a wide audience online. Their journey would eventually become Yes Theory, a massive movement of millions of people living by the philosophy of seeking discomfort.

In this memoir, Matt reveals the extreme highs and lows of Yes Theory, sharing his own along the way. This is a story about the sacrifices it takes to make a dream come true, what happens when a small group of friends suddenly have the attention of millions of strangers online, and what it means to say goodbye when everything seems to be going so well.

But most of all, it's a reminder to ask yourself that most important question: what do you want out of life?

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ISBN: 9798988849827
Publisher: Yes Theory LLC
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2023
Pages: 234
Language: English