Fenris (Paperback)

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The Wild Claw Pack had called for their sister packs to join them. The war against Ettore was ramping up and they needed all the allies they could get. Despite having the gods on their side, they would still need army members.

Fenris was ready. He was itching for this war to come to an end. He hated Ettore, just like everyone else in the Wild Claw Pack. He wanted to see that bastard rotting in hell.

Boyd and Estesius were the head alphas of the Palecrest Wolf Pack, along with Boyd's brother Craig. When Connell from the Wild Claw Pack rang to ask for their support in the war, they were able to immediately agree. They'd been learning about this war for years. They knew it was coming. Now it was time to join forces and fight.

The surprises that they find out about themselves though might be too much to bear.

This is a MMF paranormal romance, with potentially triggering themes. Subjects and language suited to 18+

Product Details
ISBN: 9798215140840
Publisher: S L Davies
Publication Date: February 1st, 2023
Pages: 84
Language: English