The World of Whales: Get to Know the Giants of the Ocean (Hardcover)

The World of Whales: Get to Know the Giants of the Ocean Cover Image
By Darcy Dobell, Becky Thorns (Illustrator)
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Dive into an exploration of these majestic mammals, one of the most fascinating animal species on the planet. You already know that whales aren't fish, but mammals who need to breath and hold their breath under water, just like us humans? And that the blue whale grows to be longer than three buses? In The World of Whales we explore many interesting facts about these fantastic animals, looking at the habits and characteristics that make the multiple species of this family so special. From the stealthy orcas that traverse the seas, to the beautiful songs of humpbacks and the booming calls of the blue whales, we immerse ourselves in the lives of these grandiose swimmers. Join our subaquatic expedition to follow agile fins and flukes, learn about their routines, and marvel as these marine giants breach the ocean's surface.
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ISBN: 9783899558302
ISBN-10: 3899558308
Publisher: Little Gestalten
Publication Date: April 14th, 2020
Pages: 72
Language: English