Fairytale for Wizards Vol. 1 (novel) (Paperback)

Fairytale for Wizards Vol. 1 (novel) By Wordexcerpt (Translator), Eun Soro Cover Image
By Wordexcerpt (Translator), Eun Soro
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Azriel who had lived a life of darkness finds a second chance at life in Eun Soro's groundbreaking coming of age fantasy series. One of the most popular Korean novels read by millions of fans is now available to read officially in English

For all her life Azriel knew nothing but the darkness. She could remember the words of her mother well when she was just a babe learning how to crawl. She was a disgusting thing, they told her; she should go die, they told her. The only source of light she had was her twin brother, Benhiram, but that too was short-lived. Not long after her village was razed to the ground and her parents perished along with it, her brother passed away, leaving her to fend for herself in this dark, solemn world.

Azriel was only ten years old; she didn't know any better. She was just an innocent girl who placed her trust in people, causing her to be taken advantage of. She became a branded slave, thrown around like a ragdoll from one noble after another until she found her permanent home as a whipping child for a noble family. Not a day would pass without red welts and purple bruises blooming on Azriel's back hidden beneath her shirt, and when she was not being beaten, she was made to run errands and do chores. Her once smooth hands turned rough, and her back grew coarse from the repeated scarring.

This was the life Azriel lived. She had no hope, no faith that someone would rescue her from the abyss. The once enduring faith that she would be saved slowly flickered out of existence, but little did she know that the hope she had long abandoned would return in a form far different than what she had ever imagined.


"I love the characters and the psychology of the trauma and also overcoming it? Like Rhema, though OP has serious restrictions which is a new take on an op character." - Dug

"All I have to say is I couldn't put it down. Buy this book and enjoy It is well written and the flow is good." - Nini

"I really enjoyed reading this novel. It can be quite dark and slightly gruesome in places but the author has put a lot of effort into the world building, it is very well written and reads well." - Cornercat
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ISBN: 9781954707153
ISBN-10: 1954707150
Publisher: Wordexcerpt
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Pages: 258
Language: English