Scorpio (Paperback)

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On a distant Earth colony, an orphaned survivor of an alien invasion discovers that the greatest world-ending dangers aren't behind her.

It's been eight years since an alien invasion drove a small surviving group of settlers to seek refuge in an underground shelter. Cut off from the rest of humanity, the ragtag band has maintained a narrowly functioning colony due to communal effort and salvage runs. Alex Archer has her own duties as a dog handler. While this off-world colony may be harsh, Ash, Alex's black shepherd raised to sense threats, makes living in it a little nicer.

But the tenuous hide-and-seek with the monstrous species known as the Lankies is about to come to an end for Alex and her close-knit crew of soldiers, techs, and friends. When a salvage operation goes catastrophically wrong, the Lankies home in on the humans.

With hopes of a rescue long faded, all Alex has left is will--and the fear that there's so much more to lose.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781542035491
ISBN-10: 154203549X
Publisher: 47north
Publication Date: January 1st, 2024
Pages: 286
Language: English