Live Stress-Free with Statistics and Numbers (Hardcover)

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Statistics is defined as the science and practice of developing knowledge through the use of empirical data expressed in quantitative form-that is, in numbers. In Live Stress-Free with Statistics and Numbers, Dr. Vasant Cjapnerkar illustrates how statistics and numbers play a vital role in our everyday lives. He explains how you can use statistics can help to alleviate the stress in your life because they provide practical, objective ways of viewing your problems.

One of the first examples he uses is the way in which he asked his children to have their children. If they allowed for at least two to four years between each child, they and the grandparents would have the chance to spend time with them at the ages when they would get the most from it. He built on the statistic that most children begin playing with their friends around age four-a theory that enabled him and his wife to fully enjoy their grandchildren.

Since he has traveled to over eighty-seven countries, using his educational background, he has realized that people make statements based upon minimal information and hence are stressed out when they are pressed to quantify their statements. Live Stress-Free with Statistics and Numbers was written to provide them with a greater comfort level with statistics and numbers-a vital part of everything we do. There is very little in life that has no number associated with it.

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Publication Date: June 5th, 2013
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