Information Systems and Outsourcing: Studies in Theory and Practice (Paperback)

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PART I: INTRODUCTION Outsourcing Research: Towards More Informed Practice; M.C.Lacity and L.P.Willcocks PART II: THEORIES Transaction Cost Economics Applied to IT Outsourcing: Findings and Critique; M.C.Lacity and L.P.Willcocks The Normative Value of Transaction Cost Economics in IT Outsourcing; L.Poppo and M.C.Lacity Domberger's Theory of Contracting Applied to IT Outsourcing; P.Seddon, S.Cullen, and L.P.Willcocks Contracting and Relationship Theories Applied to IT Outsourcing; T.Kern and L.P.Willcocks PART III: STUDIES OF PRACTICE Outsourcing Myths and Contracting Realities; M.C.Lacity and R.Hirschheim Making the Outsourcing Decision; M.C.Lacity, D.Feeny and L.P.Willcocks IT and Business Process Outsourcing: The Knowledge Potential; L.P.Willcocks, J.Hindle, D.Feeny and M.C.Lacity Knowledge Transfer in Offshore Outsourcing; J.Rottman and M.C.Lacity IT Offshore Outsourcing Practices; J.Rottman and M.C.Lacity Selecting and Leveraging Outsourcing Providers; S.Cullen, L.P.Willcocks and M.C.Lacity Managing Relationships across the Lifecycle of an Outsourcing Arrangement; M.C.Lacity and L.P.Willcocks IT Sourcing: Reflections on Practice; M.C.Lacity and L.P.Willcocks Expertise Management in Distributed Offshore Outsourcing; I.Oshri, J.Kotlarsky and L.Willcocks Playing Catch-Up' with Core IS Capabilities: The Secrets of Success; L.Willcocks, P.Reynolds and D.Feeny.

About the Author

SARA CULLEN is the Managing Director of The Cullen Group and a Fellow at Melbourne University, Australia DAVID FEENY is Professor of Information Management, and Fellow at Templeton-Green College, University of Oxford, UK JOHN HINDLE is Head of Global Marketing for Accenture HR services, and a founding member of Knowledge Capital Partners, UK RUDY HIRSCHHEIM is the Ourso Family Distinguished Professor of Information Systems at Louisiana State University, USA THOMAS KERN is CIO& Executive Manager of KERN Global Language Services. He received his DPhil in Management Information Systems from Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK JULIA KOTLARSKY is Associate Professor of Information Systems at Warwick Business School, UK ILAN OSHRI is Associate Professor of Strategy and Technology Management at Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus, The Netherlands LAURA POPPO is an Associate Professor at the University of Kansas, USA PETER REYNOLDS is a Research Fellow in the Department of Information Systems at The University of Melbourne, Australia JOSEPH ROTTMAN is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA PETER SEDDON is Associate Professor in the department of Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, Australia
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