Ada's Virtual Board Games and Booze!

Saturday, February 13, 2021 - 7:00pm to 11:00pm
Saturday, May 8, 2021 - 7:00pm to 11:00pm

For over 3 years, Ada's has hosted monthly Board Games and Booze events, thanks in large part to our neighbor, friend, and fantastic DM, Scott Spalding. With all the stress and cancellations of fun lately, we are SO happy to invite you to join Scott, us, and other game aficionados to the next edition of Ada's Virtual Board Games and Booze, coming up on Saturday, May 8!

Stay at home and play games with us, here’s some more information on how to join the party.

From Scott:

Even with social distancing, we can still play games! I'm (Scott) going to run D&D sessions through, and we're going to have board games going on and elsewhere. We're going to use Discord to coordinate.

I set up a Discord server for this, here is the link:

If you would like to join, you should make accounts for Discord + and/or *in advance* so that there is minimal hassle and troubleshooting. Anyone can reach out to me via e-mail at or Facebook at

 and I'll help with any questions.

Would you like to play board games?
Would you like to play D&D?
Would you like to play both? Then make accounts on both! Account creation takes only a minute on either.

Boardgamearena has a tutorial that players can do when they create an account. The tutorial auto-starts. It's worth recommending that players follow-through on this tutorial.

Here is a crash course on how to use Roll20:

We’re excited to see you all and play some games!

Your House
7pm to 11pm
All Ages
BYOB for 21+