7 Ways to Murder a Plant: True Tales of Botanical Mortality

Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm

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Orlando de Lange, SoundBio Lab and Ada's present - 7 ways to murder a plant: ThursHave you ever killed a houseplant? It’s okay, no one will judge you here. And you aren’t alone in your murderous tendencies. Plants are constantly facing a barrage of assaults from the sun and rain, or lack thereof, from insects, pests and microbial assailants. Come and learn how our seemingly defenceless leafy friends do in fact defend themselves and how, in the face of all these threats, they have survived to become the dominant land-dwelling organisms.

Speaker: Orlando de Lange, Plant Molecular Biologist at UW and parent to many happy houseplants.

Arriving in Seattle from the UK, by way of Germany, presenter Orlando de Lange now spends his days researching plant immune systems at the University of Washington. By night, weekend, and any other free time he can be found at SoundBio, a community lab space in the University District where he leads a team of intrepid amateur plant scientists (www.sound.bio).

Doors at 7:30 // Program begins at 8:00 //

21+ With ID //

in The Lab at Ada's //

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